“En Plein Air” Watercolour Painting at Canonteign Falls

Smiling faces all around after the class

I was honoured to be asked to teach a group of ladies from Devon WI groups at Canonteign Falls, near Exeter.

This class was a mix of complete beginners and those who have had a little “dabble” now and again, but no one had ever had a go outdoors!

The day began at 10am with a cup of tea and a chat about the class ahead. Settling any nerves with a little demo on how to choose your view and a few tips on putting pencil to paper, we then set off across the lawn in search of inspiration.

After a break for lunch everyone was confidently adding colour to their work and building up the detail in their beautiful paintings.

Throughout the day I gave advice and demos on relevant techniques, and helped everyone with their individual needs on a one-to-one basis, ensuring that everyone got the most out of their day.

You can see from the smiling faces and comments below, we had a lot of fun and some stunning watercolour landscapes have been produced!

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